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Cans-To-Go services Southeastern Wisconsin with clean, state-of-the-art equipment. We are ready to provide you with clean, dependable, quality services, guaranteeing the success of your festival, special event, government function or construction site. 

Our firm is licensed by the State of Wisconsin and maintains all required insurance, registration and disposal permits.

We provide unparalleled service by a committed staff with new equipment.

Our Portable Restrooms Offer The Following Amenities:
  • 100% Plastic construction for added durability

  • Larger interiors

  • Units are people–friendly and attractive

  • Pleasing textures and colors

  • Angled vent screens provide airflow and keep rain out

  • Single-piece urinals

  • Convenient hook for coats and handbags, etc.

  • Emergency exterior access is built into latch

  • Door handles shaped to provide for additional privacy

  • Taller doors make unit entry and exit easier

  • Non slip floors provide for increased user safety

  • Hand Sanitizers in units available

Give Us A Call:  414-365-3600

We provide a service you can depend on!

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Customer Service Team
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